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  • MG FZ Yellow Go Kart Race Tires MG FZ Yellow Go Kart Race Tire

    MG FZ Yellow Tires

    MG FZ Compound Yellow TiresThe MG FZ compound yellow tire offers an ample amount of grip in most racing applications.  It is more widely used in higher horsepower categories and is spec’d out in many series for use in TaG and Shifter...

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  • MG HZ Red Go Kart Racing Tire

    MG HZ Red Tires

    MG HZ Compound Red Tires The MG HZ compound red tires offers a great blend of performance and durability.  Spec’d out in many competitions the, MG HZ is widely used in lower and medium horsepower categories.  The HZ is a medium hard...

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  • MG WT Rain Tires MG WT Rain Tire

    MG WT Rain Tires

    MG WT Compound Treaded Tires or Rain TiresThe MG WT compound tire is designed for wet weather competitions.  A softer compound and treaded pattern provide the maximum grip on wet tracks. Available in 2 sizes 4.20 x 5 6.00 x 5  

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