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TD23 Clutch and Parts

  TD23 2 Cycle Clutches
 Tomar TD23 Clutch - Franklin Motorsport.jpg 2 Disc
3 Disc


 Parts for TD23 2 Cycle Clutches

Tomar diagram photo credit:

Figure Product Description Figure Product Description
1 Tomar Drum Spacer 9 Tomar Weight Support 
2 Tomar Bronze Brushing 10 Tomar Weight Support Screw
3 Tomar Drum Disc 11 Tomar Dowel Pin
4 Tomar Drive Hub 12 Tomar Clutch Lever
5 Tomar Clutch Shim .005 13 Tomar Spring
6 Tomar Friction Disc  14 Tomar Retainer for Adjusting Screw
7 Tomar Rotor 15 Tomar Adjust Screw
8 Tomar Pressure Plate 16 Tomar Starter Nut


Adjusting Tool
Wrench, clutch
Puller, clutch