Franklin Kart Karting FAQ

We get questions from people all the time, from newbies to experienced kart racers. Here are some answers to the most common questions…

What is karting?

Karting, or go-kart racing, provides a venue for families and young people with a love of motorsports to enjoy the thrill of racing. Whether participating recreationally or competitively, drivers reach speeds from 40mph to over 90mph. Karting is a nationally organized sport and offers opportunities to participate in exciting racing events in your community and across the United States of America.

How do I get started?

You need two two things to get started. Find a local racing facility that can provide track time. Connect with a local shop who can set up you up with equipment. If you can find one, they can usually point you to the other.

Are you in Southeastern Wisconsin? We can help you get set up! Contact us to get started.

Where do I race?

There are hundreds of karting facilities, tracks and clubs where you can get track time, participate in events, and find the support you need. There is a list of tracks on the World Karting Association website here:

Our local tracks are -
Badger Kart Club (Wolf Paving Raceway) in Dousman, Wisconsin.

Road America Karting Club in Elkhart, Wisconsin

What is sprint karting?

There are several classes and categories of kart racing. At Franklin Kart, we focus on Sprint Racing, which takes place on asphalt courses with distances from ½ to 1 mile in length. Races are be between 7-30 laps, depending on the size of the track. There are local, regional and national race seriesin the sprint category, and Franklin Kart/Team FMS has a presence at many of them.

How old do I have to be to race go karts?

Young people can start driving karts as young as 5 years old. There may be height requirements or other qualifications to ensure safety. Some age classes include specific engine requirements and categories.
Sprint Kart Age Classes:

  • 5-8 – Kid Kart*
  • 7-10 – Novice*
  • 8-12 – Cadet*
  • 12-15 – Juniors
  • 15+ – Seniors

*Briggs and Stratton 206 is the primary engine for entry-level karting

More Information

For more information on what it takes to get started in karting, take a look at Road America Karting Club's Beginner's Guide to Karting at Road America


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