Franklin Motorsports offers Arrive and Drive Packages for the TAG Masters Championship Series

Do you wanna race?! Don’t wanna lay out a large sum up front for competitive equipment? Don’t have
the time or space to properly maintain equipment? No truck, no trailer? NO PROBLEM!

Franklin Motorsports will be once again offering full arrive and drive packages for the Badger TaG Masters series. We get it, the barrier to entry in karting can be a lot to tackle, especially for someone looking at a limited schedule. Committing the time can be a massive challenge or the infrastructure to execute a top-notch job may be the hold up.  Franklin Motorsports has been in operation for 60 years providing products and services for kart racers! Let us take you by the hand and simplify the sport.

Franklin Motorsports Inc provides racers with all the necessities to run a program capable of winning. Utilizing Merlin racing chassis and Innovative by FMS tuned IAME KA100 engines you can step into a competitive package and focus only on driving. We take care of all the equipment needed for competition. Karts are maintained for every event including general prep as well as set-up for track changes. Engines are also maintained to provide maximum performance over the course of the 10 events. The seasonal package includes all consumables (fuel, oil, cleaners, etc) trackside.  5 sets of spec tires are also provided for testing and competition (where 4 sets are allowed).  Tunable spares and data acquisition are provided with each package.  Crash parts are available at all events if needed at a per use charge.

Travelling between Badger Kart Club in Dousman, WI and Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI the Badger TaG Masters series has been providing competitive racing for drivers 32 and up since 2005. The season is made up of 10 races starting in May and wrapping up in September. Utilizing the 100cc air cooled engine format racers have plenty of power and excitement. Regulations offer competitive racing as well as favorable cost controlling restrictions.

The FMS program begins with an open practice day prior to the start of the season. Following the first outing, Badger events will be home to Friday afternoon practice sessions (1pm-5pm) and scheduled weekend race events. Road America events will be one day affairs for the scheduled races. Franklin Motorsports not only provides equipment, but we also transport to and from events as well as provide technical assistance throughout the track days.

Package Includes

Race Equipment

 - Kart

 - Engine

 - Wheels

 - Tires

 - Tuneable Spares

 - Consumables


Tech Support

Pit Accomodations

2024 Schedule

TBD When Schedule is Published

Season Package: 10 Races & Listed Testing Dates

$1495 per Race Event *Full Season Bookings Only

Limited Scheduled Available up Request

Contact info@franklinkart.com or 262-814-5400