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 Hi! – We are George and Jamie Sieracki of Franklin Motorsports (aka Franklin Kart). We are a father and son team that shares a passion for karting. Because our relationship deepened with the sport, we focus on the family racer like yours. Whether you are just racing to have fun or are racing to pursue a driving career, watching your family grow and succeed in karting is what we enjoy the most.

By providing products and equipment we would race with, many years spent at the go kart track, helping other racers and becoming part of a community – we provide the expertise that helps your motivated racer advance in their driving.

A big part of Franklin Kart is to see you and your family have a big involvement and role in the mechanical aspects of the kart and teaching your kids how to race. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need some help along the way. 

Whether it is coaching with you on and off the track, helping get the right kart, or fine tuning the kart and engine until it is perfect, we help you at any point in your driving.

Who is George and Jamie of Franklin Motorsports?

When Jamie was 11, a friend shared with him about the local track near him – Badger Kart Club. When he told his Dad about it, they took a visit and quickly got started by George buying both of them a kart. They started racing regularly at Badger Kart club, racing in many different categories and classes. And then they started going to the regional and national series races. One of Jamie’s most highlighted achievements are winning WKA Grand Nationals in 4 different classes, and most recently a SKUSA Masters class. Jamie had entered the SKUSA Masters class just for the enjoyment of racing. Winning, however, was a bonus and a personal pride in the equipment and the program that they provide.

Even in the beginning Jamie and George started getting more involved then just racing as they started learning more about the technical aspects of the kart and engine. George would buy parts and equipment in bulk so that others at the track knew they could come to him for last minute needs. Jamie started building US820 engines at 14 years old, thus CG Racing being born.

Along the way, Jamie started working for Franklin Motorsports – who was originally owned by Doug and Greg Mayr. Not too long after, George and Jamie took more interest in the business of Franklin Motorsports. And since 2005, George and Jamie have taken on Franklin Motorsports and turned it into their own. Keeping many of the same aspects of the store, with a large variety of products and parts, continuing the partnership of importing Tillett seats, but then introducing the Merlin Chassis and among other things, creating Team FMS.

Our Business

Franklin Kart Online Store > We provide the convenience of online shopping for our customers as we continue to grow our online presence.  Constantly adding products and striving to make it easier for you to shop and get the parts that you need

Retail Store > Where it all started.  Located in New Berlin, Wisconsin - Franklin Motorsports brick and mortar store offers customers the ability to shop onsite, try out products, and shop for go karts available for sale.   

Services > All service work is done at Franklin Motorsports store.  Kart Chassis set up and maintenance, Tire Changing, Seat setting, Engine service and more.  See our Services for more detail 

Team FMS > Developed as a full service race program for those who want to be more hands off.  Some want to improve their kids with mechanical, coaching and data support.  And others like the atmosphere of being on a team and the comrade that comes with it.  In what can be a very busy, hectic pit area,  Team FMS keeps it a fun atmosphere while staying competitive on the track

Track Support and Parts Trailer > Having parts at the track when you need them the most.  Franklin services many local races at Badger Kart Club in Dousman, WI and also have a presence at most WKA, USPKS and Route 66 Series races.  Call ahead to see if they will be at your next race event

Merlin Chassis > US importer of the Merlin Chassis manufactured outside of Milan, Italy since 2004, proving to a have a long stretch of consistency.  The Merlin chassis is the chassis of choice for Team FMS, competitive at all races and the front-line sales sprint chassis for Franklin Motorsports.  Franklin and Merlin are synonymous because of the relationship.

Coaching > Another service to help develop the skills of our customers to shorten their learning curve.  Not only for the child driver, but for the parents to learn too


At the end of the day, we are still racers.  We still enjoy competing and having that representation through our customers and equipment at race events