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Tillett T8 Quarter Covered Seats 

XS, S and MS Sizes on clearance until out

The Tillett T8 Quarter Covered Seat, a popular seat made by Tillett Racing Seats, adding a little more comfort and protection than the uncovered. The shape of the T8 has a 63 degree driving angle with favorable comfort and depth.   

It was the first kart seat to be made using the RTM production method, which makes strong fiberglass moldings with uniform quality and thickness, speeding up production,  and keeping the price below the hand laid versions.   In addition, the composite quality of the T8 is perfect and the two smooth sides keep a clean professional image throughout the life of the seat  

The T8 comes in a Standard Flex Rigidity  

Also available is the hand laid version.  This version is available in 2 flexes, Standard and VG (a softer option allowing more flexibility).  And only XS and Small cut down sizes, which enables the lower back 

Shown here is the quarter covered, but also available in uncovered and full cover in select sizes.

Tillett Seat Size Chart
Tillett Kart Seat Positioning Guide