Tillett T11 Uncovered Seats

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Tillett T11 Uncovered Seats

The Tillett T11 seat is one of the most popular seats in the Tillett line. The T11 model incorporates a larger flat bottom to help lower the drivers’ center of gravity. While the flat bottom improves weight distribution especially for taller drivers it also assists in making the T11 a breeze to mount. So what would the most used Tillett shape need to be better?

How about flex options?! Absolutely! Franklin Motorsports offers 3 different flex options to fit your application.

  • Standard flex = a great starting point for most applications.
  • “T” flex = allows a bit more twisting in the center of the kart. This flex is closest to what is standard in OTK manufactured karts.
  • VG flex = the softest stocked version of the T11. It is thinner and slightly lighter then the stiffer options. Originally designed for high grip tires, the VG flex also works well with low bottom end power engines. Depending on your chassis, category, and tire you may have one or more flex seats for tuning.

We typically use the standard and “T” flex models in Shifter and TaG categories while using the VG Flex seats in lower horsepower and low bottom end categories such as Rotax.

Tillett Seat Size Chart
Tillett Kart Seat Positioning Guide