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CIK FIA Homologated

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Tillett P1 Defender - CIK FIA Homologated Kart Chest and Rib Protector

Elevate your karting experience with Tillet's P1 Defender Rib and Chest Protector, where safety meets performance, and passion meets protection.

The P1 Defender is a complete all around body protector that is designed to meet the latest CIK FIA specifications for karting body protection.  A chest protection panel is integrated into this protector and is mandatory for any CIK FIA karting event. The unique feature of the Tillett Defender chest protector is that it is so thin it can fit under the rib protector and will self-adapt to the body shape of the driver as it is worn over time.

The P1 Defender is designed, produced, and manufactured in house within the UK Tillett factory, ensuring the highest quality standards are retained.  Making the P1 Defender unnoticeable to the driver was a main focus during the design stage. Extensive long-term testing took place to produce a Karting Body Protector that had the well-known comfort and adaptability of the standard P1, whilst also withstanding the rigorous FIA8870 homologation tests. 

  • Highly engineered product which resists high impacts by fully supporting the whole ribcage
  • Full 360-degree protection around the entire chest circumference
  • Chest Protector integrated in the rib protector
  • Thin, yet will self-adapt to the body shape of the driver over time
  • Fully adjustable to the angle of the driver’s chest shape.
  • Adjustable and elasticated shoulder harness straps to accommodate body length.
  • The durable yet impact resistant composite panels spread the load effectively even when hot, preventing rib injuries that could be caused if the profile was to flatten.
  • Special anti shock 4mm foam that absorbs impace and rebounds immediately, preventing a potential second impact without protection
  • Smooth plastic outer layer will not damage race suits.



Size Driver Height Chest Circumference (cm)
C < 3' 9" 63 - 73 cm
C+ 3'9" - 4'4" 69 - 78 cm
XS 4' 4" - 4' 11" 70 - 80.5 cm
XS+ 4' 4" - 4' 11" 78 - 89 cm
S- 4' 11" - 5' 6" 68 - 80.5 cm
S 4' 11" - 5' 6" 78 - 90.5 cm
S+ 4' 11" - 5' 6" 88 - 100.5 cm
M- 5' 6" - 6' 2" 78 - 92cm
M 5' 6" - 6' 2" 88 - 101.5 cm
M+ 5' 6" - 6' 2" 98 - 118.5 cm

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