Molecule Matte Helmet Care Kit

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Molecule Matte Complete Helmet Care Kit

A must for every driver to keep their helmet clean, shiny and protected.  Using Molecule's tested technology, Molecule's helmet products are an easy spray on and can be used on all finishes and visors.  Caution: Do not use on Stilo visor


Molecule Matte Detailer

  • Easy to use spray to keep helmets clean, shining and protected
  • Safe to use on matte finishes

Molecule Helmet Fabric Refresher

  • Keeps helmet smelling and feeling fresh
  • Easy to spray inside helmet
  • Contains a anti-microbial agent inhibiting growth on bacterial odors
  • Skin friendly, cosmetic-grade ingredients

Molecule Helmet Anti-Fog

  • Prevent fog causing moisture inside helmet
  • Spray inside visors, wind shields, or wind screens

Molecule Helmet Rain Repel

  • Easy to spray on visor, goggles, windshields and windscreens
  • Watch the rain fly off
  • Designed to quickly reduce the friction between the water and the surface