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DeepSeat Karting Seat

Rib protecting fiberglass seats for racing go-karts

Designed for the casual driver, where comfort is the upmost importance. As well as for drivers who have experienced rib injuries in the past.
The patented seat design spreads the G-forces generated in a kart across a larger part of the racers body, keeping the driver in the seat in an optimal racing position, along with a allowing drivers to continue race pain free.


  • Large Sidewall - This allows the forces of kart racing to be spread across the wide area of the driver's ribcage. This helps to prevent and reduce injury 
  • Rib area - The DeepSeat wraps around the rib area and helps hold you in the seat while protecting your ribs 
  • Floor area - The floor area comes up under the thighs providing more support 
  • Mounting flexibility - Due to the wide sides of the seat, you are able to tip the seat back further and mount it lower. This can help larger or taller drives have more leverage while handling the kart


  • DeepSeats are made of fiberglass with a black gelcoat and resin mix 
  • Inside of the seat has a weave texture to help from sliding in seat
  • Made in the USA


Unfortunately, we are experiencing a production delay and apologize for the inconvenience. 
The sizes that are available are what we have in stock.   

DeepSeat's are available in sizes 13 thru 18, in half size increments. The seat “size” is the width of the seat (in inches) at the very top, where is sits just below the driver’s armpits. To measure yourself for a seat, have someone measure the width of your back at the approximate height where your seat sits. Add 1/2 a size if you wear a rib vest. A size 12 would be for a smaller junior driver weighing in at under 100 lbs. A size 18 would be for a larger senior driver weighing in at over 250 lbs. 

Seat Size Driver Weight (lbs) Width Across Back (under arms)
12 90 12"
13 100 13"
13.5 120 13.5"
14 140 14"
14.5 160 14.5"
15 180 15"
15.5 190 15.5"
16 200 16"
16.5 210 16.5"
17 220 17"
17.5 240 17.5"
18 250+ 18.5"


Excluded from Free Shipping in certain regions and states


  • 5
    Excellent seat

    Posted by Todd Merkel on Apr 23rd 2024

    At 56 years old, my body just can't take the beating it used to. This seat is very comfortable. It allows me to focus on steering rather than focusing on staying put in the seat. It is a little tougher to get in and out of, but once you are in, it is VERY comfortable. Great quality, too.

  • 4
    Deep Seat

    Posted by Scott on Jun 22nd 2023

    I love this seat. I wouldn't be racing without this seat.. I have tried every seat on the market which all kill my ribs. With this seat I don't even wear a vest. Over the years I've broken my ribs several times and with this seat no problems.. I've ran this seat for over 5 years with no problems. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • 5
    Great seat to save your ribs

    Posted by Jack Click on Mar 31st 2021

    I have used a deep seat for years after constant ribs injuries while using a tillett T8. I have yet to have a rib injury since upgrading and would highly recommend the deep seat to anyone wanting a seat that wraps around the rib area for extra protection and comfort.