AMV 3F Magnesium Wheel

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AMV 3F Magnesium Wheel

The AMV 3F Magnesium Wheel enhances the performance of medium-hard tires with its 3 hole, no-spokes design and outer offset. Recommended for the 100cc and 125cc classes, but has also shown great success in the LO206 category. The 3F model results in greater feel for the chassis and proves successful on a grippy track or a stiffer chassis. When racing on no-grip racetracks or with medium-hard tires, it is the best option for Shifter. The low-volume design and the low pressure AMV casting process enables the chassis to slide with the ideal balance of grip.


  • Most commonly used over 9F Magnesium wheel
  • Recommended for the 100cc and TAG classes but has also shown great success in the LO206 category.


  • 3 Hole - No Spoke Design 
  • Improved chassis feel and used to free up the kart. 
  • Reduced heat transfer results in more consistent tire pressure and temperature.
  • OXiTECH coating for easy maintenance and resistance against corrosion.


  • Wheel
  • Bead locks with O-Rings
  • Valve Stem


  • 130mm
  • 212mm
  • Offset 58mm
  • 3/58.7 PCD Bolt Pattern 


  • Magnesium

Manufactured by: AMV