MyChron5S 2T Gauge

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MyChron5S 2T Gauge

The newest of the MyChron Gauges, is the MyChron5S 2T Gauge.  Making improvements in GPS, WI-FI firmware, processing power

Them MyChron5S 2T permits you to monitor your kart performances by controlling two engine temperatures instead of one.

MyChron5S 2T samples data related to two temperatures, coming from:

  • Two thermocouples: to keep carburation under control
  • Two thermoresistors: to measure the engine's working temperature
  • One thermocouple and one thermoresistor: to monitor the key parameters of your engine


  • EGT-T12 Temp Sensor
  • 10mm H2010 Leads

Other Features:

  • GPS Frequency 25Hz
  • Precision accuracy 2 feet (1.5m to 45 cm approximately)
  • Backlit in 8 available colors
  • Choose your page layout preference