Odenthal Briggs LO206 EZ Set Slider Engine Mount

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To determine correct clamp size, use a caliper:
1. Measure frame rail diameter
2. Measure distance outside to outside where motor will go
3. Subtract total distance from rail diameter
Example: 122mm - 30mm = 92mm
Choose Clamp: 30mm x 92mm
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Odenthal EZ Set Slider Engine Mount for Briggs 206 - 8 Degree

The Odenthal EZ Set Slider Engine Mount is highly recommended by Briggs & Stratton and Franklin Motorsports! 

A streamlined, sleek design with a black anodize finish will look good on any chassis.  Along with features that adapt for any chassis. 


  • Multiple mounting holes for more offset options
  • Includes base plate with slider mechanism that makes chain adjustments a breeze
  • Top plate (Upper Mount) angled at 8 Degrees
  • CNC Machined from high-quality billet aluminum and anodized black
  • All mounts come with hardware 


  • Odenthal EZ Set 8 Degree Upper Mount
  • Odenthal EZ Set Base Plate
  • 4 - 10mm Threaded Bolts
  • 2 - 10mm Washers
  • 4 - 6mm Threaded Motor Mount Studs
  • 4 - 6mm Lock Nuts

Fits Most of these Engines:

  • Briggs
  • Clones
  • Honda
  • Tillotson

Clamp Size

The Odenthal Mounts are available with different size standard motor mount clamps.  To determine which size clamp is needed, use this procedure using a caliper measuring tool:

  1. Measure the frame rail diameter.  This will either be: 28mm, 30mm, or 32mm
  2. Where the motor mount will go, measure the distance between the 2 rails - outside to outside.  (Example: 124mm)
  3. Subtract the Distance from the rail diameter.  (Example: 122mm - 30mm = 92mm)
  4. The clamp size needed in this example is: 30mm x 92mm